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As we know, every one of us can be ill when we infected by a virus. Although on one wants to get ill. But nobody can avoid getting ill in our lives. Some disease is severe while some disease is not severe. It is necessary to go to see the doctor in the hospital for severe disease. This is because the medical store can’t judge the person who gets which disease. And they even don’t know which drug is suitable for them. Or the medical store doesn’t have such medicine. But some disease is not severe like cold and fever, stomachache, a small wound, etc. In this case, it is more convenient to go to the medical store instead of a hospital.  

Compared with the hospital, the medical store has some advantages. That is why people like to go to the pharmacy shop if it can resolve the disease for them.

1. The expense of the pharmacy shop is cheaper. When we go to see the doctor in the hospital, we need to pay the registration fee. Sometimes we need to follow on the doctor’s suggestion to take an X-ray or other inspection. So the cost to see a doctor is high.

2. There are many patients in the hospital. Sometimes we need to line up registration in which department. It always takes half or one hour. If we get cold and go to see the doctor in the hospital, it always takes half a day while just 10 minutes to buy the drugs in the pharmacy shop.   

medical store

3d design of the pharmacy store:

This is a modern medicine shop design, the main color is brown, white and wooden colors. Around the shop it has the wall display cabinets can display the medicine for the customer to choose. And the cashier counter is white color baking paint with the solid wood. On the ceiling, it has some lights like spotlights, ceiling lamps. In the middle of the shop, it has a seating sofa then the customer can have a rest here.

Here is the information you want to know:

Q1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a factory specialized in display furniture for over 10 years. The workshop covers area of 2000 square meters with a carpentry workshop, fully enclosed dust-free paint workshop, hardware workshop, glass workshop, assembly workshop.


Q2. Can you design a store/shop for me?

A: Yes, we have an experienced design team leaded by our director who work in shop display design for more than 10 years.


Q3. What’s your lead time?

A: It depends on the different projects. Normally the lead time is within 25-28 working days after confirm all the details.


Q4. Do you have stock for your products?

A: No. We don’t have stock since everything is customized.


Q5. What is the material of your products?

A: E0 MDF ( the highest class), plywood, tempered glass, 304 stainless steel, Acrylic and UL/CE approval led lighting and so on.


Q6: How do you ensure the quality of products?

A: 1) High quality international standard materials 2) Skillful workers with rich experience for more than 10 years. 3) Strictly control product quality from material purchase to package. 4) Production images and videos will be sent after every inspection. 5) We also welcome your visit at any time.  


Our company can do customize 3d pharmacy shop design service for you. For the 3d store design, we will charge 500-800USD design deposit. But it will deduct from the total cost when you order the shop. And we will make the construction drawing for you to check all the details before we start the production. If you have any questions about the medicine shop, please feel free to contact us, thanks!


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