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  Now you can see a pharmacy stand every 100 meters on the city street. But you might not find a toilet every 10 kilometers. Why are there more and more pharmacy stand? I think the reason may the following:


Firstly. The gross profit of pharmacies is high, which can generate high profits. It can effectively support store rents and labor. This is the first reason, simple and crude. Although for pharmacies, it depends on the product structure and the front and back margins. Some varieties do not make money or may even lose money. But high-margin varieties with gross margins of 40% -60% still exist in large numbers.  Chinese herbal medicines, etc. It makes pharmacies more able to support store rent and labor than convenience stores and supermarkets. Therefore, we easily find some convenience stores and supermarkets on the streets. But pharmacies can be easy to be found on one street.


Secondly. The outflow of prescription drugs has stimulated the growth of the number of the pharmacy stand. Both pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical retail companies have seen this trend and opportunities. They accelerated the layout. It also stimulated the growth of the number of pharmacies.


Thirdly. In recent years, the successful listing of mainstream chain pharmacies has accelerated pharmacy stand expansion. pharmacy stand pharmacy stand


Introduce this pharmacy 

Pharmacy shelves are around the wall. Outside is blue color sides. Inside is white color display shelves.  A cashier counter which shapes Semicircular is in middle.

  • Material: The whole of  kiosk’s basic material is MDF. The surface is a baking painting finished.
  • Size: 100sqm. it can be customized based on your space size.
  • Accessories: led light strip, hardware.


    How can I order the pharmacy stand?

1-Contact our sales to discuss your specific requirements  regarding the phone pharmacy stand.

2- Our design team creates and revises the design according to your personal requests.

3- We sign the contract after the design has been approved.

4- 50% as the production deposit should be sent.

5- Quality inspection.

6- We make a package.

7- You arrange the balance.

8- Arrange to ship for you.

9- We provide a technique guide service for you.  



Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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