Medical shop decoration design with display showcase for pharmacy

Drugstore management wants to be successful. It is not enough only to rely on the right management strategy. But also the clever decoration design. A good pharmacy store design can not only improve the overall image of the drugstore. But also bring a more comfortable shopping experience for customers and gain customers’ favor and trust.

So drugstore decoration design when what needs to pay attention to the problem?

First, pharmacy storefront design:

The storefront is the first place customers pay attention to before entering the store, so the storefront design must cause attention. Not only should it be clean and clean. But it should be conspicuous enough that the presence of a pharmacy can be immediately noticed by the passing crowd. To bring more customers to the pharmacy.



Second, cashier area design:

The cashier counter is a key area. But as a result of the small drugstore area is limited, the cashier area cannot be too small again. So had better choose the drugstore multi-function cashier desk of the combinative type so, configure small front frame and place thing board, convenient display a few small goods, increase the revenue of drugstore. Also, the wall behind the cash register of the pharmacy can be used as an advertising space to focus on the layout.


Pharmacy store display furniture design

You can see from this store design, all the small cashier counter in front of the high wall display showcase.

For the wall display showcase, it has the name on the top then the customer can quickly know what products here. And in the middle of the medicine shop, many small triangle display stands with wooden shelves and glass shelves. For the material of this medicine store, we use MDF as the basic material.

And the surface finishes glossy baking paint finishing. For the glass, we usually use 8mm tempered glass. Meanwhile, for all the display showcase and the display stands of the pharmacy shop we use the stainless steel toe kick for the under to protect the showcase.

We will install all the Led strip lights for you and the spotlights. And usually, for the cashier register, we will install the sockets for you, because the countertop of the cashier counter you need to put the POS machine or computers. Different countries use different sockets, we will confirm with you before we install it.


The questions you may interested

Client: How can I get a customized pharmacy store design?

Sales: Our design team will make the customize store design for you. For the store 3d design, we will charge the design deposit but it will deduct from the total cost when you order the store furniture.

Client: Who will install the store display showcase for me?

Sales: We will install the whole shop in our factory. And we will send the production pictures and videos to you. We will pack the whole shop divided into a few parts. So when you receive the packages, open all the packages, and put them into your shop. If it has the lights, please connect the wires to your local shop power supply then it will work. We can also provide door to door installation services.

Client: How can you deliver the furniture to me?

Sales: After we pack the furniture, we can arrange the shipment for you. We can check the shipping cost to your nearest destination port and to your door to door address for your reference.

If you have the forwarder, please ask them to contact us. We will send our factory address to them and arrange the shipment with them.



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