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In recent years, pharmacies have grown rapidly. And now we are walking to the streets, pharmacies are almost everywhere. It is very convenient for people to buy the medicine. Pharmacies often have some promotions to measure blood glucose and  blood pressure for free, which attract many people want to measure especially for older people. Not only we can see the medical shop  everywhere, but also There is an pharmacy in a community on average. The needs for medical shop is increasing. So if you want to open a pharmacia shop, please contact us, we can design a satisfactory one fo r you.  

 the medical shop interior design we recently design.

The basic material is MDF. Or we can use the material according to your requirement. The surface of counter we baking paint. And the color is white & green. When we  enter pharmacy shop, we see a pharmacy counter in the middle area of medical shop. A cash counter and chairs are facing the main entrance. So when someone come in, the shopkeeper can Reception them in time. The wood glass display cabinet are put along the wall, which shows many medicine on the shelves. We also set a consult counter for inquiry. some seats are provided for  some people who need consultation. Other accessories we including 3D Acrylic lighted logo,LED strip lights, spotlights.   medical shop medical shop medical shop medical shop  

here are some informaition you may interest in:

1. What is the price ?

For this single counter, we can quote the unit price for you.If you need customized product, please give us more details of your requirements.


2.What is the shipping price ?

The price of different port will be diffierent ,please tell us the nearest port firstly,and then the cost will be informed.


3. What is the production time?

It takes about 18-22 working days after the order comfirmed.


4. Do you provide samples?

We can send meterial sample to you.


5. Can you make design with my private LOGO ?

Yes, we can , LOGO type should be cdr or ai or ps type.


6. Is it very difficult to assemble it ?

We build the pharmacy shop fitting and display cabinet exact follow the construction drawings, just need to put each cabinet ,together and join the wiring, so easy.      



Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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