Sushi kiosk in mall is becoming a very hot business threads. To start a sushi shop in mall you will need a very nice and functional sushi bar . Here blow  are Mall used sushi kiosk design with bar counter for sale.

This is a big size sushi bar kiosk in mall.  with a size of 5*5 meter.  customer can sitting around the sushi bar and enjoy the food. Compare to other types of  food kiosk ,  the blow sushi shop design seems quite simple. But still some good ideas from this design.

There’s a disadvantage in this sushi store design. In my point of view. the food preparation area should have a divider wall to make the serving area and food preparation area apart.

Do you like this food kiosk design ? if you need a customized sushi bar, please feel free to contact us.

Unique Kiosk is a leading food kiosk manufacturer . We design and build customized sushi kiosk and sushi bar counter for mall. And we offer the best competitive price over the whole internet. If you are looking for a sushi related commercial furniture . Unique will be your best partner.

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