Lovely pink nail salon kiosk, amazing nail salon kiosk in mall

Hello friend, welcome to our website. Please let me guess what are you doing, if you are a woman, I guess you are getting a manicure. If you are a man, I guess you are getting a manicure with your wife. Manicure become popular among people. Everyone seek beauty, and hope to become more beautiful. It’s a goods time to start nail art business, so that people will enter into your store. Let me introduce you a beautiful nail salon kiosk, I am sure you will like it.

First, let’s see some images

From the picture, you can see the nail kiosk layout, color, decoration clearly. It’s very important to make nail kiosks unique and attractive. And luxury and outstanding nail salon kiosk help you work better and win more customers. Therefore, please try to find a kiosk suits your location. If not, you should make a new nail salon kiosk. It may takes time to get final design, but it can help you save a lot of time and energy. Do you think so?

Description details

How beautiful it is! The main color is a wispy powder with a white display, which gives people a warm felling. Due to the unique layout and luxury color, it is a one of the most popular salon kiosk we made. We can see there are beautiful posters on the counter body. You can show the new service and products to the public through them. Most of all, there are many seats in it, you can serve more customers at the same, it is very good. 

Introduction about nail salon kiosk

There are two entrance in the the nail salon kiosk, between them is a light box to show brand culture. You can also place items hehind the shelves, so people can purchase directly. The retractable door is a very unique door, you can also use it on your kiosk. People can sit down and enjoy manicure service directly. The water sink in the corner for hand wash. The black wall separates the technician from the customer. They can only communicate and provide services in the work area. On the back side is a counter with locked cabinets.

Outside wall has 3D luminous logo and TV players for advertising. Do you attracted by solid wood decoration? Yes, it makes your store lovely and creative, not too simple. While the left side is a glass wall cabinets, it helps you to show all kind of nail polish in different colors. Please don’t forget to place the brand logo in the high stand, so people can see you from far away.

More information

  • Place of origin: Guangdong, China 
  • Size: 6m by 3m, or any size match your location
  • Main material: MDF with baking painting
  • Decoration: Solid wood bar, light box, acrylic, tempered glass, etc.
  • Color: pink, white, and we can custom-made for you
  • Design: 3d max and CAD drawings need about 5 days
  • Delivery: 22-25 work day
  • Shipping: 3o days, which depends on the destination
  • Prize: 9000-12000 usd, according to your requirements

Adout us:

One, high quality with good products. We are direct factory and can control production process. Our purchase department help you find good materials in low cost. So you can get cost-effective products in a reasonable price.

Two, service team to help you find correct products. Whatever you need, we can help you make it. Because we have an excellent deisgner team who create unique designs every days. If you have any new idea about nail kiosk decoration, they will help you better.

Three, diligent workers guarantee delivery time. Our workers are high trained and hardworking. They pay attention to the quality and detials. So you can get the goods in time. However, please leave enough time for transportation.

Four, long history in kiosk fileds. We are the first factory in Shenzhen, China to provide customized kiosk service. Our main market is the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, etc. We coopertate with many brand, such as LAKA, SUPREME, CHRISTRIO, etc. We can also share more designs for you to choose from.

At last, thanks for you brose. If you have any needs, please send us an inquiry. I am sure that you can purchase a wonderful nail bar kiosk from us.

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