With the fast development of technical, many people plan to start their own business. It’s a good idea to begin with a small RMU stand in the mall, as it can help us gain sales volumn and win more customers. As for me, when I enter into the mall center, I am attracted by the beautiful products and delicious food. Not only for me, many clients buy what they like more than what they need. Here is a customized RMU stand & mall cart kiosk sharing with you. Hope it help you better. Let’s veiw more details together.

How to make a unique RMU stand

  • Confirm the location you have in the mall center. Usually, a RMU cart can showcase the items as the full size, 1.2m by 1.2m space is enough. People introduce and sell them outside.
  • Choose a color and decoration of the RMU cart. It is a symbol of your shop and company. So, please decoration your RMU stand in a unique way.
  • Check the RMU kiosk carefully. When confirm everything, it’s better to find a designer to show the details in the 3D design. So that you can view your own shop design clearly and even modify better.
  • Get the right RMU shop kiosk you need. When you confirm the design, and production follow on the design, then, you can receive the right RMU stand and start business.

3D design drawing about mall kiosk design

The main material of the RMU kiosk is plywood with laminate. Other materials include light strip, stainless steel, mental frame, etc. It has roll up doors, roof, and even glass cabinet if you need. The color and size can change to meet your demand. Let’s view more pictures to understand better.

RMU cart

RMU cabinet

RMU kiosk RMU stand

If you have any new ideas and need unique mall cabinets, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to help.

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