As for most products, attending the exhibition is a good way to sell products, gain customers and showcase the brand. As we all know, there is many company and brand in the showroom. How to stand out from many suppliers and brands and attract customers’ attention? This is something every exhibitor should consider. If you want to find a good way to catch people’s eyes, please don’t miss this exhibition booth today. Let’s view more details together.

Information about the exhition booth

As we can see in the picture, this exbition booth counter is designed for healthcare products. There is a reception desk in the front side, it is used to introduce the products to customers. There are high backwall posters in two sides, which is suits for single booth location. This design can better use all the space to advertising and let people know us better. The spot light on the ceiling can highlight the booth and showcase products. Besides, you can even put samples to show customers. While on the back wall is to put a brand name and logo. TV screen used to play video ads. And the checkout counter is set infront there. Do you like this exhibition booth decoration?

3D design show

From the design drawing, it’s clear to view every part clearly. If you want to change the color and style, we can help you modify in time. As a customized exhibition booth, you can get what you have in mind. Is that cool?

exhibition booth booth stand display showcase

Whenever you have any ideas and requirements about the booth design, please feel free to contact us. We can help you make a suitable exhibition counter. And showcase your products better. Our designer is very professional and help many customers start their business. We provide unique kiosks and furniture service for more than 15 years, I am sure that we can meet your demands. If you need further information, please send us an inquiry

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