Mall frozen yogurt kiosk retail ice cream counter in mall

Do you want to decorate your shop in a unique way? Are you looking for an outstanding shop in the mall? Do you plan to start your own food business? It’s a great idea to open a frozen yogurt kiosk in the shopping mall to make money. Today, I want to introduce a customized frozen yogurt kiosk to you. It’s made for one of our Franch customer. Let’s view it together.

Description about the frozen yogurt kiosk

yogurt kioskWe will use plywood as the basic material to build the kiosk body. While the surface is the grey color solid wood and white tiles, which looks elegant and beautiful. The countertop is white man-made stone material. The kiosk layout is follow on our customer’s idea, which can better showcase your shop and products. As we can see in the 3d design picture, there is a brand logo on the counter. And the glass machine can restore more food. The left side counter is a topping bar here. While on back side, we make the sink, and yogurt machine here. You can put the menu in the high stand, so your clients can choose their favorite food in your yogurt kiosk. The color of the yogurt kiosk is grey and white, we can change the color for you.


3D design pictures show

This frozen yogurt kiosk we customized as the customer’s brand logo. The front and back side of the frozen yogurt kiosk both have the logo on them. And we add the white color led strip lights on the stainless steel toe kick to let the yogurt kiosk look brighter. The usage of the stainless steel toe kick is to protect the bottom of the yogurt kiosk.

The logo:

The 3D Acrylic logo is not a lighted 3d acrylic logo on a wooden board. In order to let the letters can see more clearly.

The countertop:

Man-made stone, very good quality for all kinds of food kiosks.

Basic material:

Plywood: This material usually use for the food kiosk like ice cream kiosk, yogurt kiosk, juice bar kiosk and so on. Because the food kiosk need to touch the water, so the material need to use waterproof material. Plywood is a strong and good material for the food kiosk.

Surface material:

Solid wood: The surface material we use for this frozen yogurt kiosk is the solid wood strip. And combined with the white tiles decoration and dark grey laminate.




How to customize a frozen yogurt kiosk?

When you planning to start a food business, you can start to prepare the food materials and find a good location to start. After you get a location in the shopping mall and discuss with the shopping mall manager the size of the kiosk. Please get back to us for the size of the kiosk, and send me the brand logo if you have one. And then for the customize frozen yogurt kiosk design, it charges a 300$ design deposit. This is a small deposit for us to start the 3d model and it will deduct from the total cost when you order.

We will start to make the 3d design and send it to you within 3-5 working days. And after you check the design, if anything not good or needs to update, we will make the changes for you. It is for free and we will do it until we get approval from the shopping mall. And after we get approval, 50% deposit before production and then we can start the production. Please feel free to contact us to make a wonderful yogurt kiosk design.


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