How to start a profitable jewelry display shop in a mall. The first is definitely to have a unique and attractive jewelry display case. It’s not just about attracting customers. It can also better display jewelry to customers. A unique jewelry display case is an effective help to create high sales. The display cabinet I introduce below, I guess it must be in line with the display cabinet you want to have.

Unique display case

Black and red are the main colors of this display case. It gives a visual impact. Among the many jewelry display cases. It must be the most eye-catching and the most personal.You can see from the picture, the whole display case is a rectangle. On two diagonal angles design a prominent cube displaying the poster . Display counter glass is made of clear glass. Clear glass has high transparency.but does not affect the texture and hardness of the glass. This helps keep the jewelry safe.

Popular jewelry display case

The body of the counter is made up of several small cabinets.The small cabinet uses the painting process treated surface. Alternate paint with black and red paint. It feels like the surface design of each small cabinet is rectangular. The display case designs a special location for cash register equipment. All in all, this display case is very popular with customers and bosses in the market.

By the way. If you don’t like these two colors together. We can adapt it to your liking. If you want to add some personal style to the design. We can also meet your needs.In short, we are a custom manufacturer, we can produce any display case you want, if you have an idea for your own display case, but can not realize. Please contact us. We will use our expertise to design and produce the cabinets you want.

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