Are you ready to start a jewelry business? If you have a plan to start this business. Next, I’d like to introduce you to one of our most popular jewelry display cases. The owner of a jewelry store must first choose a display case with good quality, high appearance level and good customer feedback. A good-looking display case can attract a lot of customers for you.

Gold jewelry display case

This is a gold square jewelry cabinet. The display case is all clear glass. It is convenient for customers to see the jewelry products inside the glass cases from near and far. The glass material is a clear glass with high hardness and very high clarity. Even if there is a layer of glass between the customer and the jewelry. But you can still look at the details of the jewelry. Of course if you need to see more details. You can take out the product to allow customers to see the product more closely.

Display case details

The display case has a large body space. Can store a lot of jewelry products. Lockers can be locked for security. Specific display cabinet design. You can contact us for more details. We can produce the jewelry display case you want according to your requirements. Gold LED energy-saving lights  installs around the display case. Add luxury atmosphere to the whole display case. Luminous acrylic logos are also installed on all sides.

This display case is mainly used in shopping malls. The overall atmosphere of the display cabinet is consistent with the style characteristics of almost all shopping malls. If there are parts that don’t fit. We can revise it again. There is a place inside for the cash register equipment. If you have better design ideas and requirements. Please contact us for more details. Remember that we have everything you need.

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