Modern jewelry display case

If you are planning to open a jewelry store.the first thing you need to do is to design a jewelry display case. In order to attract customers into the store.It’s necessary to cater to the style that customers like. This display cabinet has a unique style. you can see that the general shape of the display cabinet is rectangular.but the four corners are flat. Pentagons compose the individual display cases at the four corners.Two sides connecting with the other display cases.However the other three sides are exposing  the outside.

Display case introduction

Every individual jewelry display case compose the entire display case . and the display case at the four corners is higher than the other counters. Each display case is mainly made of transparent tempered glass and stainless steel.And each display case is divided into three layers. Transparent tempered glass is good quality and high hardness.but also convenient for customers to observe the details of each jewelry product. Stainless steel makes the whole display case more solid and higher safety factor.

additional details

On the two corners of the counter erect a cuboid. It makes the whole display case more three-dimensional and unique. Brand posters can hang on cuboid.Or the area can also make a light box painting. Install light lines around the painting to make it evenly illuminated around.As the same time increasing the brightness of the entire jewelry display cabinet. In the middle of the counter place two large cuboids.It can store a large number of jewelry products in the store. But also can place cash register equipment above the storage cabinet.

The inside of each display cabinet is a double door.It installed with a hardware lock.  If you have better suggestions and needs.we can modify and reproduce according to your requirements.We can custom product specifications size color details design . Welcome to inquire!

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