Luxury Makeup Kiosk Design Modern Cosmetic Counter for Sale

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The cosmetic kiosk becomes popular among young poeple because people go to the cosmetic shop to buy makeup products and consultant makeup skills. The cosmetic kiosk includes a makeup counter, drawers, display showcase, ceiling, lightbox painting, etc. Today, I want to share a nice makeup counter with you.

Makeup kiosk design

The makeup counter is good to display makeup products, sell cosmetics, provide makeup services and promote brands. The makeup kiosk size is 3m by 3m, color is red, black, and white. You can also change the color, style, size, and material same as your requirements.

Makeup display counter

This cosmetic counter mainly uses to show makeup products, samples. Clients can try on and select their favorite makeups. We can show the items on both sides. Under the counter is a drawer and cabinet for storage. Metal frames mainly use to decorate and support makeup counters.

makeup stand makeup service

Display stand & roof

There is a tall display stand in the middle, we can use it to hang posters, lightbox painting, and a TV player. We can also add display shelves, which can increase the display showcase area. It reaches the top roof, looks very luxurious. It can also use as a support base if the mall doesn’t allow kiosk roofs attach to the ceiling

Lighting & brand sign

The counter table, the top roof have lighting to makes your cosmetic shop standing out. The brand sign attaches to the roof on 4 sides so that people can find you from different directions. We can also put a brand sign on the counters, which can increase the customer’s good impression and allow them to remember you better.

No matter what size, color, style, and material you want, please kindly send us an inquiry. I am sure that Unique Kiosk will meet your demands.

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