Simple style beauty bar cosmetic kiosk mall service booth

Now we can see many shopping mall kiosks offer many services, especially the cosmetic and makeup service. Because many girls take care of their beauty. If you want to open a cosmetic kiosk, we can make a new one for you. Today let us see some details of this simple style beauty bar cosmetic kiosk.



From this picture, we can see the layout of this cosmetic kiosk clearly. It has 3 facial beds with a partition wall. And 2 mirror stations, a small L shape information desk, a cashier counter. A sink area with a fridge under the countertop.

For the surface wall design, we put the lighted box with posters and some glass display shelves. Meanwhile, we can customize with the customer’s logo on the cosmetic kiosk. You can send the files of the logo and the menu to us and then we put them on the cosmetic kiosk for you to see how it look.



First, you need to find some locations in the shopping mall to choose the best one. Before we make the 3D design, we need information such as the size, the logo, the mall requirement.

Then we can start the 3D design. Our design team will make a professional cosmetic kiosk for you. 300$ for a customize 3D design service and it is sincere for our better cooperation. The design time is about 3-5 working days then we will send it to you for review.



Because a whole set of cosmetic kiosk is too big then we will pack it divided into a few parts. ( You can check the floor plan on the construction drawing to see how we divided them ). Then we will use foam and film to cover each part and put it in a wooden box.

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