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Cosmetics for us should be the most familiar, for us contemporary women. And cosmetics are our daily before going out, and going out to make up is also a kind of respect for others. This is why many people start the cosmetic business in these few years. If you are looking for a cosmetic kiosk to start a business. We can guide you on how to do it. Here we want to introduce a modern style cosmetic kiosk design to you.



This cosmetic kiosk is about 3 x 3m with a top.  It has some spotlights on the top to light up the whole cosmetic kiosk. Most of it is the display area, and the outside finish is the posters for advertising. It has a small mirror station can for the customer to sit here to try your products. On the top we can make with your logo then the customer can know what is your brand name.


If you want to earn money, the first thing is to make your kiosk look high-end and attractive. Don’t think this is not important. Actually, a cosmetic kiosk design usually influences the customer’s impression of your product.

You can image if are running the business with a cheap kiosk the customer will think your products are also cheap and bad quality. So we need to make a perfect cosmetic kiosk design to upgrade our products. Our design team can make a professional cosmetic kiosk for you.


For a cosmetic kiosk business, we can start with a 3D design first. 300USD design deposit then you can get a professional 3D design from us. You can send us your logo or any other requirements about the cosmetic kiosk. We will send the 3D cosmetic kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days.

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