Jewelry service always very popular, you will notice the first floor of all the malls. all with jewelry display stand and jewelry store.  here the one I wanna share is very special and exquisite jewelry kiosk design for your meet.


1. More introduce.

When you see this jewelry kiosk the first time, I think you will full in love it. this kiosk mainly tone is white, tempered glass display showcase with black color strip decoration.  each shelf is hidden led light strip. the right sides is a small repair counter and reception deck, in the middle of this kiosk is a small cashier counter and storage cabinet. for each display showcase blow all with drawers for storage.


2.Basic information:

  • Size: 5000X3000mm.
  • Material: MDF, Tempered glass, metal.
  • Accessories: acrylic letter, led light. lightbox.
  • Usage:  shopping center. or jewelry store.
  • Price: $9800 (100% customize and high quality).


3. How can I customize a jewelry kiosk like this one?

If you are interested to build a jewelry kiosk like the one, the first step is to rent a lease in the mall. Obtain a business license. in order to meet the mall requirements. it’s necessary to find a professional design team help you make a design for the whole jewelry kiosk, make it more attractive and blend in with your surroundings. the last step is to build and install it.


Thanks for your time and reading, more information about this jewelry kiosk, contact us here!

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