Are you looking for a silver display kiosk for retail business? Here is a unique design popular model jewelry kiosk for sale. Creative silver kiosk of white jewelry kiosk stall, this is a standard 15×12 ft square mall which made from MDF and tempered glass and all the surface finished with white 2pac.

When we build a silver kiosk, we will apply all the lights, logos, wirings, locks and handles into the kiosk. What’s more , we will pre-install the kiosk when finished in our factory. So, we can test all the cabinets and accessories we work well.

Unique Kiosk is a mall used jewelry kiosk .silver kiosk manufacturer in China, We custom design and manufacture silver kiosk, gold kiosk, gemstone kiosk for jewelry store, jewelry trading center, and shopping mall. If you need a cost-effective silver kiosk or retail merchandising unit, please contact us. We will offer you the best quality kiosk at the best price.

We also have a high-quality jewelry display showcase, reception counter for sale. contact us if you need more.

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