Stainless steel jewelry kiosks are looking more elegant and fashion in recent years. In the past, most owners would like to choose a wood, solid wood or lamination to build a jewelry showcase.  Noways, with the new material developing, More and more people choose to stainless steel which is more stable, long lasting and looks up level. Check our design below, if you want to build the same jewelry kiosk like this one. We can help you with it.

Jewelry Kiosk for Sale

The kiosk is made into wooden cabinet and the stainless steel frame. The basic material is wooden cabinet, the surface we sue the stainless steel surface. For the top, we install the glass showcase. For the each glass showcase, we will add the light strip. The light strip will make the kiosk more bright and elegant. For the logo, we will use the stainless steel logo, it will be better and more attractive. For each glass showcase, we will add the stainless steel frame. The counter top, we will use the stainless steel as a main counter. It will make the jewelry kiosk more high-end.

Production Process:

Firstly, we will produce the wooden cabinet firstly. When we produce the wooden cabinet, we will reserve the sockets place, light strip place and the logo place. After wooden cabinet, we will stick the laminate and the stainless steel board. The stainless steel board we will do the color of the plating surface.  The laminate is white and it is suitable to match the golden color. Before we install the glass showcase, we will install the stainless steel frame on the glass showcase. The stainless steel frame have has a protective effect for the glass showcase. So do not worry it. Finally, we will install the light strip, logo, sockets on the kiosk.

After finish the installation, we will take the videos and photos with you.



We all know that the different needs will display different 3d design effect. If you have own size, own logo, your own ideas. We strongly suggest that you can do the 3d design firstly.  We have professional design team, can design the unique and attractive design for you. The 3d design will show all of your ideas. Then you can see the whole effect. If you have any modification, we also can assist you modify it.  You also can take the 3d design and construction drawings for approval.

How Can I order the kiosk?

  1. You need to find a manufacturer and help you customize the jewelry kiosk.
  2. Tell your needs for the jewelry kiosk to our designer. Then they will get back your ideas to our designer.
  3. After you confirm the 3d design and get the approval from the mall. We will help you produce it according the 3d design and construction drawings.
  4. Arrange the 50% deposit for production.
  5. Quality specification, and installation
  6. Arrange the balance payment before shipping.

We have been designing and manufacturing jewelry kiosk, jewelry display cabinet, jewelry store supply for over years. Our talented designer can provide you a unique display counter design with your customized ideas.  So, if you want to start your own jewelry retail store and looking for jewelry display ideas. Unique is your best partner. Contact our team and you will get satisfied service.

Unique Display is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer. We specialized in providing high-quality retail kiosks, mall kiosk and display solution for clients all over the world.  If you are looking for a high-end mall kiosk manufacturer, Unique Display can help you.

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