Nice European style jewelry mall kiosk showcase design for display

When you are planning to hold a wedding, or want to present some precious gifts to your friends & family. At this point, jewelry kiosk & jewelry shop is the best choice.  Jewelry symbolizes a noble status in some occasion. Noble jewelry symbolizes a noble status.  Meanwhile, jewelry has a collection of value. That’s why people like to wear jewelry on important occasions. Such as wedding, party……….

Noble jewelry should match nice jewelry kiosk showcase. It will attract more customers.

Under the countertop are the storage cabinets. On the external, there are stickers of jewelry products and LOGO. The golden edges are the electroplate. The white parts are MDF with baking paint. All the corners are display showcases,  which are the drawers inside. So you can pull out the drawers to display jewelry, emerald pendant, necklace and so on. Like above 3D design–put out drawers and display necklaces, each drawer with glass cover. In order to lock and protect jewelry. In my opinion, those display showcases in each corner are Unique in this kiosk. Because it can be pulled out and closed in. When you get off work from mall, you can close into display showcase. When open it, pull out drawers to display jewelry.

If you are interested in this European style jewelry kiosk, please feel free to contact us in any time. We will design a similar one for you to do business in the shopping mall.



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