Luxury black mobile phone shop with phone accessories for sale

Hello friend, are you plan to start your own phone shop? are you still worried can’t find a special shop interior fixtures design? here the one i wanna share is a very luxury mobile phone shop design. hope can give you some ideas.

1.some 3d images to show.

We can see the whole phone shop mainly tone is black, match some beige wood grain. for the whole kiosk left and right side, there have some high display wall. it can for display phone case. headset , tempered glass screen protector and more. the bottom is some cabinet for storage. Next to it was a small cashier counter, is in black surface and purple color logo and led light decoration. looks very nice.

phone shop

















In the middle of the whole shop is some short double display stand. there also have a  phone experience table and phone repair counter. each counter bottom all with purple color lights. very exquisite.

phone shop phone shop

2.Basic information about this Phone shop.

  • Size: 100sqm. ( it can customized based on your space size).
  • Material : MDF. (medium density fiberboard).
  • Color: white, beige wood grain. purple. white.
  • Accessories: led light, acrylic. tempered glass.

3.How to customized a phone shop like this?

  • Before you start this business, you need make a plan for the whole project first. such as the phone scale, scope of services.  style,  budget and more.
  • Find a direct manufacturer help you do a  shop 3d design. it can put all of your ideas on it. you can see the whole store interior looks. adjust and confirmed the design.
  • Start work on the shop construction plan.
  • The last step is production it according to the final design and construction plan.

4.About assemble.

As we know the whole shop is big. in order to delivery and package. we will cut the interior furniture is some parts. mark it 1,2,3,4,5,6…… when you received it. just need according to the floor plan put each part together. connect the electric wire. so the whole shop will can work.

Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer. we mainly work on the design and customized mall display showcase and counter. If you need more related information. contact us here!

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