Luxury and Upscale Jewelry Kiosk Mall Booth for Sale

jewelry kiosk

Do you plan to start a jewelry kiosk in the mall? Jewelry kiosks are usually set on the first floor of the mall, which can help you gain good customers. The jewelry kiosk has a glass display showcase, individual stand, brand signage wall, etc. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk with you.

Description of a jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk size is 4m by 3m, looks like a retail shop in the mall. The main tone is dark finishes with a golden decoration, increasing a high-end feeling and high light your shop. We can use plywood as basic material with a brown wood surface. If you looking for a smooth effect, we recommend using MDF with high gloss or matte baking paint finishes.

jewelry kioskIndividual showcase

There is two large display showcase stand on the front side. They look like sales window displays in a store and leave the entrance in the middle. We can place hot sale jewelry inside a glass display, and the brand logo at the top, so that clients can view it at the first sight. While behind has an oval mirror, clients can view the effect of wearing jewelry.

jewelry boothService counter

There is a large U shape service counter inside the jewelry kiosk, it has a glass showcase on the countertop. While the bottom has lock cabinets to store items. Clients can sit down here to purchase jewelry. The right return counter can use as a check-out counter. There is yellow flooring light at the bottom.

Advertising wall

The back wall has 3 light boxes on both sides, you can put up posters here to attract people. We can also attach stickers to decorate the wall. When you are ready to custom a jewelry kiosk business, just contact us.

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