Black and Golden Jewelry Shop Furniture in Mall for Sale

jewelry shop

We have made many differnet styles of jewelry kiosks. Most jewelry shop owners looking for a luxury and high-end jewelry shop for business. Unique jewelry kiosks can not only enhance the brand image but also increase the product value. Today, here is a wonderful jewelry kiosk introduce to you.

3D design of jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk size is 4m by 4m, it’s good to use in the mall shop, and even street shops. The main color is dark with a golden hollow-out decoration. We will use MDF as the basic material to build the kiosk. The surface is matte with glossy effects.

jewelry cabinetRectangle counter

We can see there is a rectangle glass display in the middle area. You can place necklaces, rings, and bracelets inside the glass showcase. While the bottom area is the storage area. The middle area has golden metal decorations. In front of it has chairs, clients can sit down and select jewelry.

Brand logo wall at the backside, there are golden patens with backlit. There are two wall cabinets set on the back wall. And it has an open shelving display on both sides.

jewelry kiosk in mallThis jewelry kiosk has 3 entrance doors, there are wall-mounted cabinet inserts to the hollow out decoration, very attractive and clients can view your items when passing by

Sector individual display

There are two sector shape individual displays behind the hollow-out door. It has a glass display on top and metal leg support that can increase the showcase area. It can show the products well. We can add a locked drawer so that poeple won’t reach the goods inside without permission.

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