If you want to start your jewelry business, you are supposed to determine whether your target audience is low-end, middle-end or high-end. In this way, we should also reflect it in the design. if you are preferred to the middle or high end class. There is a luxury jewelry kiosk design for your reference.

Detailed information

Size: 3*3m

Material: mdf with baking paint

Service: 3d design

Design time: 3-7 workdays

Production time: 25-35 workdays


The white color is very popular and classical to use in the jewelry kiosk. If you have no idea how to choose the main tone, this color is a good choice.

As you can see in the picture, the kiosk is very simple but elegant. It consists of several display counters. The top parts are the glass display. The height is 300mm. It is high enough, which allows you to place display mannequins, fully show the features of your product and desire people to buy. The glass uses an ultra clear white glass. Compared to ordinary glass, it has a better refractive index and higher permeability.

The bottom is the storage space. It is big enough and allows you to place more inventory here.

There is a tall board to show your logo and the outside of the counter can also show it. It can make your kiosk look more professional and high end. The logo style options are available, 3dl light, howlout and so on. It can choose based on your needs or logo documents.


Its surface is painted with a high gloss varnish. Excellent glossiness makes the integral effect of whole jewelry kiosk look higher. And it uses German imported paint, which is not easy to oxidize.

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