With the development of the jewelry, most people like the jewelry and wear the jewelry. So you can see that there are many jewelry shop in the mall. And there are also some jewelry kiosk in the mall. Because of the initial stage, opening a jewelry kiosk will take a less cost and most people can afford it. Next, I will introduce a jewelry kiosk to you as a reference.

Jewelry Kiosk

The front of the kiosk is a L shape display stand, and you can display your requirements on the kiosk. The L shape has a round corner and will make the kiosk more smoothly. The front of the L shape display stand is stainless steel strip which can decorate the kiosk better. The top of the kiosk has a glass cover. And then you can display your jewelry in the glass showcase. The end of the L shape has a cashier desk, which can service customer conveniently.

The inside of the kiosk has a sitting area, and the customer can sit here. And choose the jewelry item. The side of the kiosk is wall decoration which is made of the stainless steel strip.

And the back of the kiosk is a wall, and we install the logo on the back wall. The logo is 3d logo which is lighted.


Style, the main style of the kiosk is golden and black, which is high-end. The main material of the kiosk is stainless steel, which can make the whole kiosk more luxury. The whole kiosk is very expensive and most people like it too much.  If you have enough capital, you can open a kiosk like it.

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