Hello, i am glad that you read this article now. Do you want to have a factory price jwellery kiosk? Do you want to have a professional company to make it for you? And do you want to have a business in this field? If you want, please follow me. Today, i will introduce a nice deisgn from Shenzhen Unique Fruniture Ltd. Now, read it carefully, i think after you read this aritcle will help you to make a good choice.

Because many people can got much money nowadays, so many people want to buy more jwelleries. Due to this reason, many business many want to got money in this field. So the jwellery kiosk become more popular. You can see many jwellery kiosks in the mall, the shopping center and others. It is a good idea for you to open your business.

jwellery kioskAbout this design:

As you can see, the whole kiosk use the black and write as the mainly color. And match some other colors, like gloden, blue. The whole kiosk color is very simple and fashion. It is fit for many people’s eyes and looks very luxury.

Not only the color is nice, but also the layout very nice. As you can see, the whole kiosk use tempered glass to make it. It can let customer to select products more directly. And it is stepped design, you can see front a part is short and back part is tall. Due to this design, let kiosk more especially. On the kiosk have a area to cashier and in the kiosk have a unnique arc table. It looks very nice and also can use for cashier. What is more, in the kiosk also have som cabinets to put some jwelleries or order important things. Besides, you can see on the left have a tall area that you can put your business poster or  LED box. Next to the arc table also have a tall area, it let whole kiosk more characteristic. Do you interest this design?

The materials we will use for it:jwellery kiosk

First: we use MDF as the basic material. It have a good advantage that is very smooth. So it is very apply to paint.

Second: we use the high glossy baking paint to make it. If you don’t like this color, that is ok, we will color the paint before applying the paint, and we will mix the color you like according to your requirements.

Third: We use the tempered glass to make the display area, it is very durable.

Foruth: we use stainless steel to make the bottom skirting. It good for the kiosk.

Last but not least: we also use many other materials, such as, acrylic logo, Led light, man-made stone and so on.

processProduction Process:

First, we will receive your inquiry from our site, and then we will have the friendly salesman to communicate with you. Second, when you have a nice talk, later our salesman will adivce you to have a deisgn according to your requirements and size and pay the design fee. Third: When our designer finished the design, you can according to the 3D model to amendment and confirm. Fourth, our salesman will have a quotation for design to tell you. And then the salesman will tell you how many deposit you need to pay. Fifth, after you paid the deposit, our company will arrange production for you as soon as possible. Sixth, when during the producing time, our salesman will talk to you everyday to let you know your product process by videos and pictures. Seventh, Whenwe finished your products, our salesman will tell you to pay the rest payment and shipping fee and then we will ship it to you. Last but not least, when you receiving it, if you have any question, you just tell our salesman, they will solve it for you. And we have after-sale serivce, we will always online to help you, not man-made destroy, we have two years warranty.

What can i do for you?jwellery kiosk

In this field, we are a old company, we have 11 years experience and can give you not only a simple kiosk, we also have a professional deisgn team. They will help you to choose the best style you need and we also have a cellent service team. They will always online to help your problems. When you received the goods, we also have lot of after-sales serives. If not man-made destroy, we have two years warranty and if you have any question, just feel free to tell our salesman.

In addition, our company is a trustworthy company. And our products have shipped to many countries. Our company have many feedback customers, they all think that the quality of our products is very good and our service is also very good. We will try our best to let you feel happy. If you have question and want to know more kiosk models, feel free contact us. We will online to help you. Welcome inquiry!

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