Hello,I’m glad you’re planning to start your business. If you want to start your jewelry business in the mall, the first step is to find the right manufacturer. To help you complete the project together. In order to highlight the jewelry, we design kiosk should be simple and high-end style, the following is our jewelry design details hope it will be helpful to you.

Design ideas

The customer found us on the website and told us his business plan. He said that this is the first time he plans to open a kiosk to do jewelry business. He needs our help and complete his project from design to delivery. We are glad to hear what the customer said and choose us to become a business partner. And we made a 3D design based on his idea. From the beginning of the design, confirming the design, and the mall center check the 3D design, we all follow the customer’s requirements. Finally, the customer is satisfied with our design and product quality.

3D design show

Design description

The color of the jewelry kiosk is mainly black, which looks simple and stylish. From the picture, we can see the layout of the whole kiosk.We added the logo and installed the LED light strip outside the kiosk. It can show your brand products and services, and it also make a good impression on people. The high sign allows people to see it from a distance, and the installation of light box paintings will make your kiosk more attractive.

Glass display cabinets are very common in jewelry kiosks. It can display jewelry well and people can see jewelry from all angles. We are a custom factory, we can customize the jewelry cabinet according to your ideas. And we have made many types of jewelry cabinets, if you need, we can send them to you for reference.

How to design jewelry kiosk?

Everyone will have different styles and ideas for designing kiosks. As a custom factory, we will advise customers to do 3D design first. Customers can see the whole effect of the design and confirm all the details, and can quickly know the customer’s needs. After the customer tells us the design details and sends the logo, we can start the design work.

Before the design, we need to charge $300 as the design fee, and we will deduct it from the order price. We will send the design to you for confirmation in 2-3 working days, and you can make modifications and add new elements after checking. And Our designers will make the design better based on your requirements. When you confirm the final design, you can send it to the mall center for approval. In addition, we will also make modifications according to the feedback from the mall center.

About the assembly

Our workers will assemble each part into a whole kiosk for your confirmation after finishing the production. Then do the whole kiosk cleaning and divide it into several parts for shipment. We will mark each part with a number, such as 1,2,3,4,etc. When you receive it, you can put them together and connect the wires according to the numbers and construction drawings, the kiosk can work normally.

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