Golden Jewelry Stand Glass Display Showcase to Seattle

Jewelry display showcase is very important in jewelry shops and jewelry kiosks in malls. Gold color can reflect jewelry products and has strong permeability, can remind people in the distance to notice you. It also creates a feeling of luxury and solemnity. If you planning to open a jewelry shop, please don’t miss this design.

jewelry booth

Description of jewelry showcase

For jewelry kiosks in the mall, it usually views as a display showcase counter to place jewelry for people to purchase. We should first rent a space to start the business.

Size introduction

The most popular jewelry kiosk in the shopping center is 3m*2m, 4m*3m, 5m*4m. Not only how big the size you rent, but we should also purchase a jewelry kiosk to fit the location. Usually, the mall manager wants to review the kiosk design, so they can see whether your kiosk meets the specifications or not.

When we open a jewelry store, we should measure the shop size. Then purchase suitable furniture to place it. Owners who want an attractive jewelry store decoration suggest customizing jewelry display cabinets and adding their own brand logo.

Layout description

The jewelry kiosk has much glass display showcase counter. Clients can see the products from 4 directions. There are 4 corners has squared jewelry cabinet, which is good to see hot sale products or high-value items. Each jewelry kiosk has a brand logo sign. Behind it is locked drawers for restore jewelry at night.

Material show

Main material: MDF

Finish material: Baking paint

Other materials: Golden metal frame, acrylic logo, stainless steel kicking, light lamp under counter.

Single jewelry display stand design

High single jewelry cabinet

jewelry kiosk A single display cabinet is a very popular style now. He can show things to the people alone. We can easily see them in museums, jewelry stores, and watch shops.

The common size is 6ocm W*80cm L and 120cm H in total. The glass showcase area with a light lamp for bright. We have hidden the light strip under the golden fame. So people can see the products without notice the light strip. The bottom is a frame base to support the glass frame. It is the shape of the table legs and looks very good overall. And in the middle position, we can put the brand logo. It’s very cool.

I am sure that you are interested in the costs. It costs 750-860usd per set. Different size, material, quantity costs different

Rectangular jewelry display cabinet

jewelry showcase

Here is another popular single jewelry display cabinet introduce to you. It is also widely accepted by shopping centers and jewelry shops. It is rectangular style. The size usually is 120cm L*50cm W*100cm H.

The top is a large glass display showcase with light. While the bottom has a brand sign to make people remember you. Small letters and light under the counter mainly use to attract people’s eyes.

Backside view as working area. Glass showcase open on this site, so only the salesperson can reach the jewelry. It protects jewelry from stollen. Under counter are locked drawers and cabinets. The price is about 850-980usd. Please tell us your needs before getting a quotation.

L-shape jewelry display cabinet

The L-shape jewelry display cabinet is another popular style. It is mainly used in retail shops. We usually place it at the corner to allow the display cabinet to pass better. The L-shaped display cabinet increases the display area and can display more products for sale. Which makes the jewelry store furniture full of changes. It can be not only a 90 degree L shape but also have rounded corners with arcs to protect customers.

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