The lovely toy kiosk is eye-catching in the shopping mall, especially catch children’s eyes.

Before you plan a retail business in the shopping mall, you may want to find out how to start a mall kiosk business. Mall kiosks are small stations usually located in the center of malls. They lend themselves to impulse buying of small novelty items, toy, jewelry, and accessories. They also are used for seasonal products, sometimes as promotional stations for larger retailers.

Even with small business–a mall kiosk, this is a major investment, and you will want to develop a business plan based on:

  • Research into the products you want to sell
  • Kiosk availability and costs in the malls, and find the supplier for your kiosk
  • Costs related to leasing space in a mall
  • Cost of merchandise projected over the length of the kiosk lease
  • Projected income over the length of the kiosk lease

For the toy kiosk, it includes small items that will be purchased by parents when their children see them in the mall. Such as cars, stuffed toys, etc.

There is a big market for toy kiosk in the shopping mall. As we know, children always like novelty items, even though they own plenty of toys in the home.


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