Lovely candy store wall display cabinet sweet chocolate shop

Now opening a candy store is also a good market, so how to open a candy store? For those who are ready to invest in a candy store, if you don’t know how to open a candy store, here is a guide! Please check this lovely candy store wall display cabinet sweet chocolate shop design below.



In terms of site selection, it is more appropriate to choose places where there are many young people, such as universities. In the vicinity of Valentine’s Day to do some activities, some promotion. Especially on some festival days, do activities, in ordinary times can also have a membership system.

So that not only can accumulate a large number of old customers, have a certain income. In the development of new customers, or development because there is a good reputation.



The layout of a candy shop, usually needs a cashier counter, display cabinet and some candy shop interior decoration. We can see the design of this candy shop, the cabinet is white color with wooden display shelf. In addition to ordinary candy products, candy stores also have unique and novel flavors to try to make more flavors and patterns.



Please feel free to send me the floor plan of the candy store. Our design team will make a new candy shop design according to your floor plan and shop size. You can choose your favorite style of the candy shop display showcase and let us know.

A customized 3d candy shop will charge a design deposit of 500-1000USD. We will make the candy shop design exactly what you want. If need any changes for the candy shop design, we can revise them for you.

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