Custom made candy store fixture cute snack food display shelf

The candy store is the most interesting place for the children to go. Everyone has a childlike side, childlike side can be fully satisfied in the candy store. The candy store’s dazzling goods can make us smile. It has many candy stores but how to make your candy shop attract people’s eyes is a problem. 

Most candy stores are themed with warmth, loveliness, romance and so on. We suggest using anacreontic and clean colors, such as pink, yellow, rainbow, etc. We have many candy store designs and here we want to introduce a custom made candy store fixture cute snack food display shelf design to you.



The candy shop has a kiosk for the ice cream and candy counter. It is a pink color candy kiosk also it can for a cashier counter and reception counter. The back of the candy counter has the round shape decoration on the wall with the display shelf. We add the led strip light on it to look really attractive.

Against the wall of the candy shop, we have the removable display shelf on the wall. On the removable display shelf we can display the candy, chocolate or other snacks.

On the wall, we can make some colorful cartoon stickers or wallpaper. Also, the candy shop has a glass display showcase for the cake.



The first step to opening a candy shop is to make a customized 3d design. Please send us the shop size or the floor plan of the candy store. We will make a new 3d design model according to your floor plan.

Our design team will make the candy shop design include the interior decoration, store display furniture, flooring, ceiling and everything.

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