Brilliant Pink Candy Store Furniture Candy Display Cabinet for Sale

candy store furniture

Recently, many poeple have inquiries to make candy store furniture for business. Everyone likes unique and beautiful candy displays because they can show candy and products in a good way. Here is a nice candy store design to share with you.

Description of candy store furniture

As we can see in the design, this candy store has multiple colors. Pink and yellow color with light green decoration makes the candy store attractive and beautiful. We mainly use MDF to build the candy store furniture body. The high glossy surface effect requires at least 5 times polished to achieve a smooth effect.

candy shop displayWall cabinets

The candy display cabinet has multiple shelving, it is set against the wall. Each shelving has a light lamp to highlight the items. Not only increase the display showcase area but also makes your shop furniture looks better.

Center display

There are 3 display counters in the shop center. It is in pink color with light.  Items place on the concert top so that clients can select them directly. We can also make it in a round shape, curved counter-style to attract attention.

candy display showcaseGlass window counter

This candy store has a large sales window facing the public. We can make full use of it to promote candies. It has an individual display counter, we can make bottom cabinets as a storage area. The alternating arrangement of yellow and blue counters brings visual impact to customers.

Brand signage

Brand signage is very important for the candy store furniture. Add signage to the shop front is necessary, besides, we can also attach the business name and logo to the wall and top of cabinets to remind people of your business.

If you have any ideas about your candy store decoration, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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