Beautiful candy shop display furniture customized chocolate store

At festivals, the sweetest gift should be chocolate and all kinds of candy, whether it is given to lovers on Valentine’s Day or to the children in the family are very appropriate. The most popular business these days must be those chocolate candy shops. 

How to make the candy store more attractive? These chocolate candy shop decoration renderings of the appearance are very attractive and colorful. Can you resist this sweet offensive?



The decoration has its own features, especially the colorful chocolate wall in the M&M Bean theme store. If you want to open your own small candy shop, in fact, decoration need not exaggerate. A good arrangement of all kinds of candy display can for the most direct decoration. 

If you are a popular DIY chocolate shop or a special handmade candy shop, can add some candy or cartoon decoration. The popular furniture of the candy store is the candy tree display. A metal tree hangs on some candy and lollipops on the tree. Meanwhile, the bottom can make the display cabinet with a round shape. 

Around the candy store, we can make some wall display cabinets against the wall. Usually with the wooden display shelf and bottom is the storage area. In the middle of the candy shop, we can place some display stands with different shapes.



To make a customized candy store design is the first and the most important step. Before we start the design of the candy shop, please send us if you have the floor plan. Our design team will make a new 3d model with your candy shop size and place the display showcase inside for you to see the effect.

On the 3d design of the candy store, we can see where need to put the display showcase and how many we need to put. The customized candy shop design includes interior decoration, ceiling, flooring and the design of the display furniture.

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