Lovely and fashion purple outdoor food kiosk for sale

The food business is the most popular all over the world. Because food is essential in people’s life. If you want to start a food kiosk business, at the first, you need to find a location first. The below is an outdoor yogurt and smoothies kiosk design. The size of this outdoor yogurt kiosk is about 3x2m. It can fit 2 or 3 staff inside and it is like a small house.

Outdoor yogurt kiosk design:

Please kindly check this side of the design, we can see from outside, we have the bar area for the customer to sit and have food from the front side and left side. On the front side we add the logo” Frozen yogurt & smoothies” then the customer can see and know what you are selling. We add the rolling door on the front side and left side, and on the front side we have the canopy cloth to cover the sunshine and rain.

For the whole outdoor yogurt kiosk, we will use metal as the basic material. And the surface finishing we use baking paint which is good for the outdoor area. Because it is the outdoor food kiosk, so we need very good material for the outdoor area to resist the bad weather. For the color of baking paint, we can send a Pantone color sample for you to choose the color. You can choose any color you want. For the baking paint of the kiosk, we have two choices. One is the glossy finish, another one is the matt finish. But for the outdoor food kiosk, we usually use the matt finish will be good.


The layout of the inside food counter:

And then, please follow with me for the inside food counter. For the inside work counter of the outdoor food kiosk, we will use plywood as the basic material, and for the surface finish, we will use laminate or aluminum-plastic panel. Both good materials, but the aluminum-plastic panel is better for the outdoor area and more expensive than laminate. We can send the price of both materials for your reference then you can choose according to the actual situation.

For the inside layout, we can leave the space for your equipment, you just need to send us the size and if you have the pictures of them, we will draw it on the 3d to see the effect. Inside we include the sink, you can see the back counter we have a two-compartment sink. Meanwhile, on the front counter, we have the topping area for you to prepare the food material.



Let us move to the back side of the outdoor food kiosk. On the back side of the outdoor yogurt kiosk, we make some lighted box for you to put the menu or some food pictures. This way, the customer can see what you are selling from the back side and come to your food booth.

On top of both sides of the outdoor yogurt kiosk, we add the customer’s logo. If you want the same design like this one, we can replace your logo on it.




About the installation of the outdoor food booth:

Because this outdoor food booth size is 3x2m, so it can fit inside the container directly. So for the size of the outdoor food kiosk, we suggest to make the width within 2.2m and the height within 2.4m so that we can fit it inside a 40HQ container directly. We will make the outdoor yogurt kiosk in a whole set with the inside counter and everything. When you receive the outdoor kiosk, please connect the wires to the power supply then the outdoor food kiosk will work.

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