White Color Food Booth Outdoor Macaron Kiosk For Sale

Hello, dear friends, how are you? I guess you are fine, many people enjoy outdoor activities, blowing the wind, embracing the blue sky, listen to the birds, what a pleasant thing! I believe that working in this environment will make you feel better, so are you looking for an outdoor business? If yes, whether you want an outdoor kiosk to make your business better. Our company has all kinds of outdoor kiosks, today, I want to introduce you to a fashionable and high-end outdoor kiosk.

The design of the outdoor macaron kiosk:

Just as we can see, the outdoor kiosk’s design very unique. It looks very clean, there is a showcase in the front of it that can use to sell desserts and macarons, there are many drawers and cabinets in its interior, they can use to put many things. And there is a showcase in its behind, it can use to sell macarons, very practical.

The outdoor kiosk color is mainly white, if you dislike the color, we will make it any colors as you like. Besides, it has exquisite workmanship, perfect layout, glossy interior and surface, durable materials. Most of all, we can custom-made it according to your requirement.

For the outdoor food kiosk, we will use high-quality material suitable for the outdoor area. We will use the metal frame and surface finish baking paint. The inside of the outdoor food kiosk, the main material is plywood, laminate, man-made stone, aluminum-plastic panel and so on.

The origin of the outdoor macaron kiosk:

At first, the customer wants to make an outdoor food kiosk to sell macaron food. The customer browsed our website, he fell in love with the customize kiosk, at first sight, so he began to contact us, we talked about all the details of the kiosk and finally decided on its present design, if you dislike the shape, we will custom-made it according to your requirements.

For the outdoor food macaron kiosk design we will charge 300USD. But the design deposit will deduct from the total cost when you make the order. So yes, actually, it is for free. We will make the customize 3d design with your location size and if you have your own logo. We can also add it to the outdoor food kiosk. And the color of the outdoor macaron kiosk we also can customize as you like.

About the price of the outdoor food kiosk:

The exact price of the outdoor food kiosk based on the size, design and material. If a different size, different design and different material, the price will have a price difference.

For the 3×2 m outdoor food kiosk, the price is about 7900-8800USD. And for the 5×2.2m outdoor kiosk, the price is about 15000-18000USD. We usually need to confirm the 3d design first then we can quote the exact price to you. So please welcome to contact us to start your own 3D customize outdoor food kiosk and more details.

The installation of the outdoor food kiosk:

Assemble this outdoor food kiosk is very easy and fast. The size is 10x10ft of this outdoor food kiosk. So we need to make this outdoor food booth demountable. You can assemble the outdoor food kiosk together. And finally, connect the wires to your local power supply then the kiosk will go on.

If you don’t know and want to know more information about the installation of the outdoor food kiosk. Please feel free to contact our sales team, our sales team will guide you on how to do the installation. And we will offer 24 hours after-sales service to you. 


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