A high-end food booth and fashionable outdoor kiosk for sale

Recently, street food is easy to find everywhere in the city. With delicious taste and rich variety, outdoor food is becoming more and more popular. Now, I plan to share an attractive food kiosk with you. It is an outdoor kiosk, very convenient to use. You can decorate it with your own ideas.

Description details

The ice cream kiosk has roof, floor, locked doors and hydraulic window, working counter, etc. We choose rainproof, fireproof, anti-wind materials to build it. It like a small house, so you can lock well at night, very stable and safty.

It is designed for selling ice creams, you can also use it to sell other food like juice, smoothie, coffee, etc. The front side has a big display machine and a POS counter. While the back side is working counter to prepare food. The back wall has a big light poster area, people can see and choose when ordering.

The main color is light green and orange. Brand name on the top to let people know you. Spot light bright the outdoor kiosk and makes the kiosk outstanding. You can even put posters, TV player, menu to the public to attracts more clients.

3D pictures of our outdoor kiosk:

street food kiosk ice cream booth ice cream booth

The 3D design picture show every parts clearly, you can even change the layout and put machines in right place. Our designer is very professional and will give you good solution. So the design model is based on your requirements.

More information:

  • Products name: Unique ice cream booth outdoor kiosk
  • Size: 3m*3m or 5m*2m depends on your location. For better delivery, we recommend width no more than 2.5m
  • Color: Green and orange. Or other colors you want
  • Function: Sell ice cream and food
  • Materials show: Plywood, aluminum composite panel, metal frame, stainless steel, light box, acrylic, tempered glass, etc.
  • Desgin time: 3-5 working days
  • Production time: 30-35 business days
  • Shipping time: About 25 days to the USA, different destination port has different shipping time.

Design steps:

  • First, tell us all the information about outdoor kiosk. Such as kiosk size, color, style, decoration, etc. It’s better to send us a floor plan to follow on.
  • Second, pay design fee 300usd for professional 3D design. It includes design pictures and detailed drawing.
  • Third, making 3D design model. Our designers will first meet to discuss and choose the best design plan. Then design. After the design is completed, we will review the design several times and send it to you for confirmatiom.
  • Finally, confirm it as final design. I am glad to know you like it as final drawing. Howevery, if you need small changes and different solution, we can help you modify it soon.

How to assembly outdoor kiosk?

For outdoor kiosks, we should build and assembly well in our factory. And package as a whole to send to you. But, if the width wider than 2.5m, the kiosk has to be divided into two parts. So when you receive to goods, you have to put them together and use it. Installation step is very easy and we will also send you an assembly guide.

We will first make wood bodies of counter and build outside frame. Will take photos and videos to inform your the process details. Wherever you want to view the details, we can show you directly. Before delivery, we should first text the light and cables to make sure everything works wells. Then clean the counters and use foam to protect the counters. Outside use wood carton with corner protection for long-distance delivery. If you need any help, please feel free to send inquiry. Thank you for reading.

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