Large Location Cosmetic Kiosk & Makeup Counter for Sale

cosmetic kiosk

Cosmetic shop provide beauty service and products to people. It’s a good idea to open a cosmetic kiosk and earn money. The cosmetic kiosk includes display cabinets, glass showcase, ceiling roof, floor, and brand logo. It can also custom made based on your ideas. If you rent a large location to start business, don’t miss this cosmetic kiosk idea.

Introduction of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk is sorround the column, ceiling with brand signage can attach to the column. We can also add lighting to the kiosk, that is highlight and kiosk and makes your shop outstanding. The main color of cosmetic kisok is white, brown color decorate the ceiling. Which indicate a feeling of professional.

makeup counterDisplay counter

The display counter has many cosmetic on the top, you can place bar chairs here, so that clients can sit down and learn more about your produsts. For other counters, it’s a good idea to attach brand logo to the side, so clients can notice and remember your brand when enter shop and leave.

Under the counter has drawers to restore items. You can also add lighting lamp surround the counter, increase a good feeling to the clients.

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinets surround the column, that can make full use of space and can also show more cosmetic for sale. It has wall shelving in the middle, each layers has lighting to highlight the products. Bottom can also add drawers to increase storage space.

cosmetic standMaterial details

Basic material: MDF or Plywood

Finishes material: White baking paint, white laminate

Counter top material: Stone or glass

Kicking material: Stainless steel

Logo: Light box logo, metal logo, acrylic logo, etc.

Most of cosmetic kisok has flooring, wires can hide under the floor to makes the shop looks better. Awaiting for your inquiry.

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