Black and White Makeup Counter & Cosmetic Kiosk in Mall

makeup standThe cosmetic kiosk is a good place to show cosmetics and provide beauty services. It needs a small location of 3m by 3m to start a business. The cosmetic kiosk has a products display showcase area, experience area table, checking bill counter, and advertising area. Today, here is a nice cosmetic kiosk sharing with you.

Description of cosmetic kiosk

This cosmetic kiosk is set in the shopping center, each side has an entrance, clients from different directions can buy products easily. For a customized kiosk, it’s important to arrange all the space. So, it’s good to use and strengthen your brand image. TV players and posters are necessary because clients can learn more information about your company and products. You can even show popular skincare steps to gain trust.

cosmetic counterDetails information

We can see there is a counter in the front area. It has a brand sign on the surface. Middle has lighting box painting, you can update the content to makes people feel newly.

Another corner has a display showcase counter under the small ceiling support buy wall. The counter can place all kinds of cosmetics on both sides. You can add chairs here, so that poeple can sit down and purchase suitable cosmetics.

Working stations

If you want the cosmetic kiosk more useful and changeable. We can use beauty stations instead of showcase counters. It has mirrors on top, and the counter table can place necessary products, while the bottom has cabinets and drawers. Guests can experience hair styling services and see the effects directly.

Promotional slogans can light up your store. At the top of the work, tables are text and pictures with lights, which can attract the attention of customers and expand your business scope.

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