Black and Pink Cosmetic Kiosk & Make-Up Counter for Sale

cosmetic boothBright color along with metal frame makes the cosmetic kiosk high-end and attractive. No matter when you plan to start a cosmetic business, you can choose a customized cosmetic kiosk to start a business.

Information of cosmetic kiosk

You can rent a place 3m by 3m in the shopping mall. Whether the location is against a wall, aisle, corner, or close to a drip, we can customize a cosmetic kiosk for you. This cosmetic kiosk has display counters, a reception desk, a roof, and flooring. The main color is semi-matte red and black with golden color.

makeup counterLayout introduction

 Front display counter

We can see there are display counter and shelving near the entrance. There is a counter with a mirror stand at the corner, It has a metal frame with bubble lighting. The counter body has a brand sign and cosmetics placed at the bottom.

Near it is a tall display stand, it has a total of 3 layers to show items. The top is the advertising area and the bottom has a brand logo.

cosmetic shop design“I” shape display counter is very popular because it looks lovely. You can place cosmetic samples here so that clients can try them.

Back advertising wall

The back wall is connected to the roof as support. It’s a good idea to attach brand names and posters here, lighting box paintings attract attention and appeal to more clients. We can also add a wall cabinet with drawers, so it will have more place for products.

cosmetic tableTop roof

This cosmetic kiosk roof is scalloped in shape, looks very unique. It has a metal frame at the top and bottom. The middle is a black background with a brand name and logo. Under the roof has ceiling light to increase brightness.

Bottom flooring

Flooring is black finishes and red edge, that matches the whole cosmetic shop theme. If you have a cosmetic kiosk in mind, we can make it based on your demands.

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