Classic Design Make Up Booth Cosmetic Kiosk for sale

cosmetic kiosk

Everyone loves to look good and goes to the beauty salon regularly to look younger. If you are going to start a business, it’s a good choice to open a cosmetic kiosk in the shopping center. That is easy to operate and you can earn money back soon. Today, I want to share a high-end cosmetic kiosk with you.

Introduction of cosmetic kiosk

Cosmetics kiosks are usually on the first floor of shopping malls, and customers will be interested in cosmetics at first sight. This cosmetic kiosk needs a location of 4m×4m, which is enough to display the products and enhance the brand image. The main color is the black and white red floor, which makes your store brighter and more dynamic.

cosmetic shopDisplay counters with lighting

We can see there are display counters on both sides, looks like side wall cabinets. So that clients can view products when they pass by. Each side has 3 bottle models displayed in black color, it has many drawers to place items. Between two cabinets is a large display stand, it is a white color with a black frame. They are slope displays that do a great job of presenting makeup to guests. While the front is full of white lighting.

The top has two lines of the spotlight, mirrors also hang there, so that clients can see how the cosmetic works. In the corner, we can see multiple cosmetic adverting, your brand logo also set the sidewall. A large mirror attaches the side so that clients can enjoy makeup services, too.

cosmetic cabinetReception counters

Because of its large location size, this cosmetic kiosk has two reception counters. It has a white front with a brand sign and the back is in a dark color, matching the cosmetic shop theme well.

You can see every client enter the shop and serve them. You can also add storage cabinets and display showcases if needed.


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