Wooden cosmetic display booth retail makeup kiosk design

As is known to all that a “woman makes herself beautiful for her lover”. Many women prefer to buy lots of skin-care products or cosmetics to take care of their skin and make their appearance more charming. That is why cosmetics products as such a hot sale product. Many people want to start the cosmetic business, it is a high-profit industry.

For the people who want to start a cosmetic business, you can make a cosmetic kiosk or open a cosmetic shop. But if you are the first time to start this business, you can have a try with a cosmetic kiosk first.



Let us see the below 3d design of a cosmetic display booth. On the front is a small cart for displaying the shampoo and bath cream products.

And another display is an S shape display stand with a perfume model in the front. This display stand is for displaying perfume products. On each shelf, we install the led strip looks really beautiful.

In the middle is a metal display rack for the lipstick product. On the back is a wall cabinet for displaying many kinds of cosmetic products.

Other areas include a small cashier area and a makeup area. On the top has a metal frame hanging the spotlights and logo.



Our company design team can make a customized 3d cosmetic kiosk design for you. For the kiosk size, you can talk with the shopping mall management to get it and get back to us. We will make a new cosmetic kiosk with the size and the logo you want.

We will send the design to you in 3-5 working days after we receive the 300USD design deposit. If you are not satisfied with the design we can make the change for you.

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