Elegant style cosmetic kiosk skincare product display stand

The cosmetic industry is getting bigger and bigger now. On the street, you can see many cosmetic shops. And in the shopping mall, you can see many cosmetic booths. Many people start to open a cosmetic business. If you want to start a cosmetic business in the shopping mall, you can rent a location and make a cosmetic kiosk for a start.

On our website, you can find many cosmetic kiosk designs and some business ideas. How to start a cosmetic kiosk business? How much do you need for such a business? If you want to know, please follow with me.



Look at the 3d design of this cosmetic kiosk, it is like a gift box. On the top of the cosmetic kiosk has the white lighted logo and hang some round shape lights.

It has a small reception desk on the front and a lighted box stand. Inside space is the seating area for the customers to sit and ask questions about the products.

On the back wall has a big advertising TV so that you can play the pictures and videos. Effective publicity is very important for your business.



When we finish the cosmetic kiosk, we will install a whole kiosk in our factory. The logo, the lights, the advertising TV and so on. A whole cosmetic kiosk we will pack it divided into a few parts. When you receive the cosmetic kiosk, please open all the packages and put each part together.

If you don’t know how to connect each part together, you can check the construction drawing. We will write the number on each part. And then connect the male and female connector together to your local power supply. Then the cosmetic kiosk will work.

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