Jewelry showroom design with luxury display cases for sale

Are you wear jewelry in daily life? Jewelry as an ornament can highlight people’s temperament, and people also like to buy jewelry and gold as a collection. As the jewelry business has great profit, it’s a good choice to open a jewelry shop and earn money.

How to make a custom jewelry shop furniture?

For a new business and a new shop, a jewelry shop furniture design become very important. It shows how the jewelry shop looks like and which color matches the brand theme. Besides, the shop owner can put each jewelry display showcase in the right location. However, it’s hard to find a ready shop decoration. As every shop has a different size and every people own different idea. So we have to make a new 3D model to start.

First, confirm the jewelry shop size and layout. The unique idea makes the shop furniture different from other shops. So you should think about the color, material, and layout carefully. It’s better to make a floor plan to follow.

Second, make a design drawing according to the floor plan. The designer makes a 3D model according to the floor plan and your requirements. You can receive the first drawing within 5 days. Design drawing need 500usd-1000usd design fee depends on the shop size

Third, check the design carefully. As it’s a new design drawing, so you should check the design carefully. When there are small changes, we can help you modify them better. Small changes are free of charge.

Fourth, confirm it as the final design. Please make sure you get the perfect kiosk design. If you have doubts about the details, we can show them and explain them to you. I am sure you will satisfy with our service and design work.

Finally, make the construction drawing and produce the furniture. You can also submit the confirmed design to the landlord for approval. Then we can make the construction drawing for order confirmation.

Description of the jewelry shop furniture

Color decoration:

As we can see in the picture, the main color of the shop is shiny brown. Which makes the jewelry shop luxurious and outstanding. It also gives a high-level feeling to people. There is a squared display counter in the center, a glass jewelry display showcase on the top, and locked drawers at the bottom. Two sides have chairs and a long table, so people can sit down and try jewelry.

Layout introduction:

In front of the wall has long glass display counters, which increase the display area and make the shop looking good. Wall cabinets used to place a set of display effects of some jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. You can focus on displaying the most valuable and most attractive jewelry here. The corner has a jewelry table. It not only decorates the shop but also makes the jewelry and furniture rich and not monotonous.

The image wall is the most important part, please don’t forget, and you need to add a lightbox poster or an advertising player to let customers know you more. We recommend to set the reception desk near the entrance, employees can see and warmly welcome every consumer. Good service and attractive goods are the keys to success and I am sure you can go further in this area.

Light decoration:

The lights in the jewelry store are usually very bright and can display products well. So please don’t ignore the lighting decoration, and 3D design can help you choose the right lighting. Usually, the glass display cabinets also have a light strip to show the jewelry better. Your jewelry store will be very unique under the action of large ceiling lights and spotlights.

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