Jewelry store interior design modern retail large for sale

Store profile

Items; jewelry  retail store /shop

Store size:4342*560 mm


Location; New York in America

All of the shop furniture including the display counter ,wall display showcase /kiosk ,cashier desk,window display,ceiling lamp,light box made from Unique factory.

The details  of shop are as follows;

Floor plan, check the floor plan can get all of layout including where is the display counter , where is the Warehouse,and reception room.floor plan of jewelry store shop furniture

  1. 3D design of jewelry store

This is an image rendered in 3D. It is as clear as a photo, and the overall design and effect of the store can be presented well,From my picture, we can know that this is a light luxury modern jewelry store retail store with white as the main color and stainless steel lines. The overall design is very simple but not simple.

2,Jewelry design of interior

we can see the LOGO in the back wall cabinet and the LOGO made of stainless steel with 3D luminous characters,

the glass window can show for big jewelry, display showcase shape and Light collocation.

jewelry store interior design

3,The design of outside

The front of the whole jewelry store is made of glass wall, so you can clearly see the interior decoration of the store from the road.

Note, that all glass customers use laminated glass.Very sturdy and safe.

jewelry display showcase interior design

4,Single display cabinet material schematic diagram

jewelry display showcase

jewelry showcase

Note, Please inform us of your floor plan and special requirements before designing.

Ask our professionals for more designs about jewelry store interior furniture.

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Luxury Jewelry Store Display Counter Furniture With Shop Interior Design