Nowadays, Chinese classical style more and more popular in all over the world, such as jewelry shops, clothes shops and so on. When I saw it in the first sight, I think it is my idea jewelry shop. It looks like very elegant, clean, high-end ………., East-West combination.

This jewelry store located in the shopping mall. It is opening style. Both sides glass display showcases are symmetrical. As usual, there is a round Cartier jewelry display showcase in the middle. So does it.

Also, normally, install the spotlights on the ceiling. From the above picture, you can see there are two rows of the lamps upon the jewelry display. The most representative of the Chinese style is the carpet. There is the image of peony on it.

Almost the jewelry shops in white color. It with Chinese classical style and peony on it. So design some parts in red to display jewelry. To match the main color.

We design the shop according to our customer’s requirements and ideas. Sometimes, we provide more and better suggestions for our customer reference, to make the whole shop more attractive.

If any interest, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you

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