Exquisite jewelry display case with jewelry shop furniture design for sale

A unique Custom design and build an Exquisite jewelry display case with jewelry shop furniture design for sale. If you are looking for high-level jewelry showroom furniture or jewelry store fixtures. Well, here is the right place to go. Below shows a luxury jewelry shop design with display fixtures.

Where can I get the best jewelry shop design? How to make it more attractive and elegant? Unique design and build jewelry kiosk for a shopping center, we provide jewelry display showcase for sale. 

jewelry interior design


Jewelry service always very popular all around the world.  When you walk into the shopping center. You’ll notice that the jewelry cabinet is always on the first floor near the door and elevator. Today what I wanna share is a very exquisite jewelry shop design, I’m sure it’s very helpful for your business.

When you first see this jewelry shop. I think you will fall in love with it. the whole jewelry shop’s main tone is white, very high end and exquisite.

jewelry store design

The size is about 80 sqm, on two sides is a high wall display stand, with glass display showcase and led light.  in the middle of the shop is a short display stand,1200X500x1100MM, match glass display and led light strip, the bottom with some wooden cabinet for storage.

jewelry display showcase in shop

As a direct supplier, before designing we will confirm the shop layout, style, color match, material request, etc. Also can give you some professional advice. Then we will start design and put all of your ideas on it. Confirmed the design and start making drawings. ( you can see all details here, with each part size material and surface finished details. Will according to the production of the drawing) .

Some suggestions for decorating a jewelry shop:

1). The decoration should not be too much. Can make some design on the jewelry showcase, and take some eye-catching jewelry as a prominent display. The jewelry itself is beautiful and dazzling enough to decorate the entire space.

2). Lighting is very important. Good lighting design can make jewelry more attractive and shining. The design on lamplight should undertake specific design according to the display showcase and whole store.

3). The facade design of jewelry stores is very necessary. Can make some creative logo design according to your own brand. The elaborate jewelry display showcase put amazing jewelry that people can see the jewelry by the glass. Which can stimulate their consumption desire.

4). Create a unique jewelry display stand. Different jewelry stands have different display effects.We can make new stand design according to the style of the whole jewelry shop, which can support different shapes and colors. to make your shop more eye-catching.

How can I custom my jewelry shop with you?

We will make the whole shop design first according to the details you provide. All equipment and furniture can show in the design. So that you can see the whole effect.Before design,we need to charge 500-800USD as the design fee. When you order, we will deduct it from the total price.

We will send the design to you for confirmation in 5-7 days.During this period, it allows you to modify and add new ideas to meet your ideal shop.When you confirm the final design, we will also make the construction drawings to let you check. When all the details are confirmed, you can pay a 50% deposit and we can start production.

Thanks for your time and reading. If you wanna get further info or interested start jewelry shop like this one. Pls feel free to contact us below, you will be satisfied with our service and products. Thank you!  

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