Japanese Style ramen kiosk and noodles kiosk for sale.

This a ramen and noodles kiosk ,May be you don’t like this style of kiosk ,but i want you know it’s very popular in recent years in UK and USA.

you can see the many similar kiosk in shopping mall and street ,Usually it is  not too large in space, but it’s can be very convenient for some office workers.

The kiosk made from solid wood ,the size of kiosk is 8 feet by 8 feet .

the design is we done long time ago , maybe you can add some new idea and add some other food by kiosk.

What is your confusion ? and what are you looking for ?

Contact us and send inquiry to us , our design team will help work it out。

Leave your email many design about ramen kiosk noodles kiosk and fast food design for you reference .

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