Fast food kiosk is easily fond everywhere in the mall center and even outside. Because of convenient and save time, many people eat fast food nearly every day. Now fast food has a big market in the world, it’s near late to start fast food business and earn profit. Today, I want to share a nice fast food kiosk in mall with you.

Where to use this fast food kiosk?

This food kiosk can be used in airport, Metro station, train stations or school where is public areas and has target consumers. It has sitting chairs in the side, people can sit down and have meals, This kiosk has a big ceiling about 3 meters height, so if you like this style in the mall center, please confirm the top ceiling height with mall manager. Or you can just remove the big ceiling and change to other style. Our professional designer department can provide you with better help.

Information about fast food kiosk

  • Food Kiosk size :18x12ft
  • Material : plywood with lamination finish
  • Kiosk countertop material : man made stone
  • kick plate : mirror stainless steel
  • LOGO : 3D illuminated logo, acrylic logo or other kind of logo
  • Other materials: Ceiling light and spot light, hardware, mental frame, etc.

Whatever different ideas of this fast food kiosk, we can help you build it according to your ideas. So you can feel free to tell us all your requirements and landlord rules. We will follow on the specifications to make the design and build fast food products.

How to order fast food kiosk?

As for a new business plan, many people wants a new and luxury food booth. Therefore, they choose a special and attractive kiosk style and add their own brand logo to the food booth. It’s a good way to separate their shop from other shops and also express company culture to public.

Design steps:

  1. Confirm design details. Anything you want to add to the kiosk can make your fast food kiosk stand out. So please don’t hesitate to tell us your ideas.
  2. Make 3D design drawing. The designer make the 3D model according to your ideas. The design drawing including design photos and detailed information.
  3. Check the design photos. When you see the design image, please review it carefully. If you want to make small changes, then we can modify and update it for your confirmation.
  4. Confirm it as the final design and make construction drawing. Please make sure it’s the design you need, because production is following on the final design.

Production process:

We should first prepare the materials and make wood bodies. Then hidden the wires inside the kiosk for better usage. The wooden bodies will send for your reference. In fact, every step we will share it with you. Next step is decoration the surface and countertop, it usually need about 7 days to finish. Finally, connect the wires and install locked doors well. If you have brand logo and want to print posters, they will also finish in this step. So you can see how it looks like in real life. When you confirm everything is correct, we can arrange shipment.

Whatever food you sell, we can help you make the food kiosk and also leave enough space to put the machines. So just trust us and get the kiosk you need. Thank you

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