Similar like opening a candy kiosk  in mall , if you want to start a Roasted dry nuts kiosk business, you will need a nice kiosk design. Most of the nuts kiosk design are similar with a pick & mix candy shop.  Because they are all very small items that need to be packed onsite. And they need different sections to distinguish each kinds.

Here blow is a very nice kiosk concept that i come across one day . But the disadvantage of this kiosk concept is that. Not all the shipping mall will allow you to have such a big roof. Because it will block the view of other kiosks. The most big issue that different the nuts kiosk from candy kiosk is the dealing with exhaust, As we know that we need a machine that to keep the nuts dry. So how smart you can hide the exhaust pipe will be the unique skills of the kiosk design.

NUTS KIOSK DESIGN mall used nuts display stand nut display carts for sale

Unique Kiosk is a professional mall retail kiosk manufacturer , We have been custom design & build mall food kiosk, retail kiosk, candy & nuts kiosk for many years. If you want to start a nuts retail business in mall ,i highly recommend that you visit and find more good kiosk design concept or get a affordable cost kiosk from them.

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