Industrial modern style coffee shop interior decoration

Coffee shops are popular in every small and medium-sized city. They are places for modern people to gather for leisure and business exchanges. Now there are many cafes in the streets, and more and more businesses choose to open cafes. How to design a nice and attractive cafe? What are the styles of cafe design?



Today we want to introduce a modern style coffee shop to you. This coffee shop has a big bar counter with bar chairs. And a seating area with dining tables and chairs. The material of the coffee bar counter is plywood with laminate and the countertop is black quartz stone.

We can make a new 3D coffee shop design with your shop size. Please send us the size of your coffee shop. Our design team can make the cafe store design with your shop size. The cafe shop design can make it exactly what you want and with all your requirement. For a customized cafe store 3D design will charge a 500-1000 USD design deposit. We will send the 3D coffee shop design to you in 3-5 working days.


We will assemble a whole coffee shop bar counter in our factory. Our worker will install the logo, wires and sockets, and other accessories, same lock with key and so on. For the wires, we will install the male and female connectors. And leave a main black wire come out for you to connect to your shop power supply. The assemble is easy, if you have any questions about it, please feel free to ask us.


For the layout of the coffee shop, we can discuss it together with the design team. We can send a floor plan to you first. Then we start the 3D coffee shop design.

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