High-end cafe shop design customize coffee bar counter

Opening a warm coffee shop is a dream of many people. If you open a coffee shop, the decoration design of the coffee shop is not an easy thing. In order to attract more customers to come to your cafe shop, we have to pay attention to the coffee shop design. Then how to design a simple style coffee shop?



Coffee bar area – For a professional coffee shop, the design and decoration of the bar area are crucial parts. It is the area for baristas to make drinks, and also the place for communication and interaction with customers.

The bar counter design of this simple coffee shop is simple. A long bar counter with a white color finish, the customer can sit on the front of the bar. On the wall side is a long work counter can put some machines on the countertop, the bottom is the storage cabinet. Also, it has a display shelf and a logo on the wall.

The material of the coffee bar counter 

As the coffee bar counter needs to touch the water when they make the drinks. So for the material of the countertop, we suggest using stone.

Man-made stone or quartz stone is both good, we can send the color sample for you to choose. For the body of the cafe bar counter, we can use plywood with laminate.


Coffee shop seating area – The seating area of a coffee shop is also a very important part. The choice of furniture ( dining table and chair ) need not be too complex, but must same kind of style, cannot collocation at will. A few adornments had better be put on mensal, wait for instance vase, the choice of antependium also wants collocation good.

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